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Should you become a Homeowner while still having Student Loan Debt?

So you have graduated and finally landed the dream job and have finally started to pay on your student loans, and are ready for the next phase which is homeownership […]

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Ijara Vs Musharaka: A Comprehensive Comparison

More info on www.ijaracdc.com Created using Visme.

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How Does Making a Payment Late Affect My Score

When a bill is overlooked it is reported to credit bureaus and many worry that this will destroy their score. The truth is, forgetting to make a payment or making […]

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Ijara vs. Murabaha

Free Seminar on Islamic Home Finance: Bloomington, MN

Conférence gratuite: Acheter sa propriété sans souci

Use ijara financing to get a proper paintbrush

Ijara financing will do a number of great things for the average homeowner. Getting ijara loans is the best way for a practising Muslim to enter the real estate market. […]

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Here’s a few handy Ijara loan tips before that winter storm hits

If you’ve already shopped for and got yourself an ijara loan, you know that you will be staying Sharia compliant and away from riba. However there are some nonfinancial matters […]

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Sharia law and smoke alarms

When you look at things a certain way, you’ll see that sharia law and smoke alarms have a lot in common with Sharia law rules because they are both designed […]

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Ijara loans and picking the right house

When you talk to most people going through the process, they will say that getting ijara loans is a lot easier than picking the house they will live in. Of […]

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