Money in Islam

Money in Islam Concepts You Need To Know About

Money in Islam Definition: First, it’s a good idea to get an accurate definition of what money in Islam actually means. We know that people who are interested in ijara of mortgages are not just Muslims. There are in fact a wide swath of people who can see the social responsibility aspect of money in Islam products as attractive.

This social responsibility to others is one of the cornerstones of the money in Islam ideal. For example, most Islamic scholars are clear on the fact that it should not be hoarded or kept in a bank for its own sake. It’s the tenets of sharia compliance that people should look to when they are wondering how to use money in Islam. Like a lot of other things in the Muslim religion, the concept of money in Islam takes on different meanings depending on which scholar tackles the question. However, there is a general agreement that usury in the form of riba needs to be avoided at all costs.

Making sure that you get all the right information about Ijara financing includes understanding how money in Islam works. That’s why we’ve put together some of the bigger ideas. These will help you to make all the right decisions about getting a sharia compliant mortgage product

The first principle is that having wealth is an enjoyable experience as long as it doesn’t distract you. Muslims who practice their religion faithfully all know that the Quran is very forthright about guarding against greed. Most scholars and people who practice Islam understand that money in Islam is a vehicle for good.

That’s why when you’re looking for sharia compliant mortgage products we are the right choice. Our IjaraTM Home Financing Program was created under the strictest conditions by a board of outstanding sharia scholars. The advantages of using our system is the fact it is free of rebar and gharar.

Good Things

It’s also very important for Muslims to understand that they need to make a living by doing good things. Amassing wealth and making money by doing wrong is never acceptable. Muslims also understand that there is no need to fear poverty because God provides for all.

As a practicing Muslim, it’s acceptable to look to real estate and to buy some property for you and your family to enjoy. If you plan on using your money in Islam assets to go into business, there are some general rules here as well.

Our program is sharia compliant. It blends some of the features used in traditional mortgages with those practiced by our religion. Because of this intertwining of the two systems, our product holds the duties and obligations you’ll need to practice in a traditional mortgage. Best of all, our ijara mortgage products work with our religious beliefs.

Being a Muslim means that you need to set a time aside for prayers as well as business. Time management is very important in both. A practicing Muslim make sure they have time to accomplish both the spiritual and material things that they need to do on any given day.

It’s important to consider time for yourself as a practicing Muslim, time for God and time to bolster your livelihood. Islam also expects that practicing Muslims understand the best methods to use to live within their means. We are always available to share our research surrounding money in Islam and how your religion and business work together. Get in touch today!