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More ijara financing mistakes you need to avoid

Staying on top of all your money is one of the first lessons you’ll need to learn when you finally buy that dream home. Ijara financing can help you to get started and in fact that initial ijara loan is one of easiest parts of the process. It’s all too easy for a new homeowner to make some mistakes that can cost them a good financial standing in those all important first five years as they pay the loan down. Here’s a few that you really want to avoid.

  • Skipping a home inspection. There aren’t really any other steps that will tell you more about the place you want to buy. Without one of these,¬†you stand a chance of buying a place that has hidden defects that will cost you possibly thousands of dollars down the road. Basements, attics and mechanical rooms are just a few places where a professional home inspection pays off.
  • Buying a home to make a quick buck. There are still people who buy a home like a stock and hope that investment will pay off quickly.