Three Benefits of Muslim Loans

Muslim loans are important to practicing Muslims as well as anyone looking for a residential or commercial mortgage. They offer an alternative that’s been steadily growing in popularity. Here are three reasons you should consider one of these products over a more conventional loan.

Financial Justice

These loans are free from riba and Sharia compliant. That means Islamic financing products share the risk in any business transaction. Western loans make profits based on interest rates. With Muslim loans, the profit and loss is shared between the lender and the beneficiary. By most accounts, it’s a much more just system from a social perspective.

A Shift From Traditional Benchmarks

More traditional Western-style loans put a heavy emphasis on credit worthiness. Islamic finance puts a new focus on the property. With an Islamic finance loan like ijara, both ethical and moral values come into play. Social justice becomes one of the centerpieces of any financial interactions.


The process for Islamic mortgage products is more involved than a traditional loan. Because it involves a slow and steady thoughtful procedure, the results have more stability with less risk. Along with extensive auditing and analysis, these products are also sharia compliant and backed up by Islamic scholars.

In the end, one of the bigger benefits is the fact these loans are more stable than other varieties. They represent less risk.. Islamic finance companies still focus on the same objectives as their Western

counterparts. However, they are interested in profitability and making money for everyone involved.

It’s always a good idea to keep in mind that Muslim loans forbid investments in any businesses that would be harmful to society. Getting in touch with us is easy. We offer toll-free phone numbers and a convenient online form to fill out. Why not get started on your Muslim loans with us today?