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Simple Steps To Weatherproofing Your Home

If the weather reports are correct, we can expect it to get colder sooner this year and some experts are even predicting that’s the way it’s going to be for some time to come. Islamic home financing can protect your commercial or residential investments, but you’ll need to take other steps to ensure you’re not losing extra cash to unnecessarily higher heating costs.

  • You need to start looking for the trouble spots at the bottom of your home and show the same due diligence you did when you were looking at islamic mortgage financing for the first time. Start by removing any old caulking and then adding new caulk around the sump pump openings and windows . Where you can, it’s also a good idea to seal around open areas at the tops of old foundations.
  • Even if you don’t particularly like the smell, using incense to check for air leaks around doors and windows is great way to pinpoint where the problems might be. Front doors are one of the places where heating dollars get lost and installing weather-stripping from the local home improvement store is a quick and efficient way to set this issue right.

There are even gaskets that can be placed under electrical plate coverings to stop heat loss.