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Some tips for finding a great real estate agent

Islamic home financing is the best way to stay Shaira compliant and get a loan that’s interest free when you’re looking at starting out in the North American real estate market. Still, you’ll need some help beyond islamic mortgage financing in selecting the right property in the right area for the price that suits you. This is where getting a real estate agent to work with you is important.

Be sure to ask any candidates the right questions about their experience and whether they are in fact licensed by the appropriate board. You’ll also want to know about the homes they’ve sold in the area you’re most interested in. References are another prerequisite to finding the agent that you’ll be happy with.imagesCASCPZK6.jpg

Of course the same research should be done with our islamic mortgage financing products so you can see why we’re confident in our claim that our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. You can start by reading about how it works on our website. We want you to have confidence in our ability to match you with the right product and we’re committed to making sure you understand our procedures completely before we start.