Sukuk Bond

Your Sukuk Bond and Preventing House Rot

Islamic finance products like the sukuk bond help to keep you sharia compliant so all your finances are in order. Once you buy a property you’ll need to be on the lookout for moisture that can produce rot.

Here’s a few ideas on how to prevent that issue.

* The basement or crawl space are areas where this problem can start. If you can, it’s a good idea to check out both of these spaces on a regular basis or especially after a heavy rain. If you have structural issues or a plumbing problem, you’ll be able to head off a larger problem if you catch these issues early enough.

* Caulking can be as much of a friend to the homeowner as a sukuk bond. Using this around your windows and doors can help prevent moisture from getting inside and rotting out drywall or wood.

* Getting up in your attic and on top of your roof are also good practices to find out if there’s any areas that are leaking. Keep in mind that the roof is the most important barrier to bad weather that can affect the insides.

* Pressure washing your house is another good idea. If you keep your rain gutters clear, the chances of them getting backed up so water can get into your house are small. It’s also good to check the pipes under your sink to see if they are leaking. Over a period of time this can cause a problem with not only rot but pests.

Staying on top of these little issues before they become bigger problems is important for well-maintained homes that keep their value. Why not get in touch with us today so we can get you the kind of Islamic finance products that will keep you sharia compliant like a sukuk bond?