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Tax Return

Filing Taxes

If a Canadian citizen works in the United States and they are not reporting taxes to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) from the previous 2 years (does not have NOA for last 2 years) it’s not doable. If a Canadian citizen works in the United States that has W2’s or Business Tax Returns and Notice of Assessment from the last 2 years it is doable. There is a tax tertiary between Canada and USA for all Canadian citizens who work in the United States, but if citizen files taxes in the US then clients can report the same income to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). They do not have to pay any money to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) but this is only to inform them that they have paid income tax in the other country so if clients inform or report the income paid in USA it’s doable. This is important as this is one of the general requirements for clients to file their taxes for at least the most recent 2 years.