The UK opens its doors wide to Islamic home financing and other news in our June newsletter - ijaraCDC

The UK opens its doors wide to Islamic home financing and other news in our June newsletter

Sometimes we feel like the rest of the world is only just now catching on to what we’ve known all along—Islamic home loans are one of the best ways for devout Muslims and anyone else to enter the real estate market without having to worry about riba.

A recent article in the prestigious Financial Times further illustrates that point by detailing London’s latest efforts to be seen as a hub of Islamic mortgage financing.

A recent gathering at the UK Foreign Office’s Lancaster House in west London was further testament to the fact that this European country is moving in this new direction. Last year, the country announced plans to be the first to issue an Islamic bond, or sukuk, which is in line with the Muslim prohibition on interest.

Islamic Home Financing Products

Of course we’re keeping pace and meeting the rising demand for these islamic home financing products here in the United States and Canada. Take a moment to look at the work we’re doing at We’ve even put together a live host that can answer all of your questions right on the Internet.

We understand how fast Islamic home financing is catching on and that’s why we have a sister site to the American version for our friends up north called It has the same great information and services as the American website and will put you in touch with all the information you’ll need to get the right islamic home loans when you live north of the border as well.

It’s our priority to make sure you get the islamic mortgage financing you need and we even go so far as to keep a watchful eye on the developments worldwide that are proving what we already know—that ijara loans are the best way to stay Sharia compliant and break into the real estate market at the same time.