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What you’ll need for an ijara loan.

Getting an ijara loan is much easier when you know what you’ll need to qualify.  Although there are some differences between ijara loans and the more traditional western variety,  there are a few similarities when it comes to qualifying.

    • Employment.
    • You need to convince the lenders that you’re not going to pose an unnecessary risk for repayment so of course you’ll need to have a job when you apply for an ijara loan.


    Most lenders will want you to have proof of the fact that you’re employed and they’ll want to know how long you’ve had the job you’re currently at .

  • To get an ijara loan,  these financial institutions might also need to know something about the last few places where you’ve lived. Producing a record of this type will go a long way to making you look both credible and trustworthy.
  • Your credit needs to be good to get an ijara loan as well.
  • It pays to have a look at your credit history and make sure everything is up to date before you apply for an ijara loan.

Remember that applying for an ijara loan is a process that you need to work through.