Why You Should Look at Ijara Mortgages

You’re a mortgage broker and by virtue of your business, you’re always looking for the best deal for your clients. They would expect nothing less and you’re constantly striving to hit that same mark yourself. Here’s a few very good reasons why you should consider sharia compliant ijara mortgages for your Muslim and non-Muslim clients alike:

  • The loans cover a variety of different purchases. One of the misconceptions about sharia compliant financing is it’s restricted to certain kinds of purchases. Almost all structures that can be inhabited or used for a business are fair game for Islamic financing loans. Granted, there are some industries that Islam avoids but for the most part they are generally the same as the ones Western financial institutions prefer to stay away from.
  • These Ijara financing loans are perfect for anyone that’s socially conscious. If you have a thriving business, you already know how the political landscape has changed in the way business does business. Most consumers are socially conscious today about the right ideals like fair play and social justice. A lease to purchase agreement under sharia compliance means staying free from usury. There’s no interest charged on the loan and that appeals to not only Muslim clients but people who are looking for social justice in a variety of ways.

These are just some of the great reasons to consider working with ijara financing as a mortgage broker. Of course, there’s the business angle to jumping on board too. Standard & Poor’s has already valued the entire sharia compliant financial market at 400 billion — and that was almost 10 years ago!

Islamic Finance

Here’s another great reason to consider involving Islamic finance as a mortgage broker. The world is changing and people are constantly moving between borders. For example, Canada estimates it has 1.3 million Muslims and that number is steadily rising. If you’re looking to stay on top of the shifting demographics in today’s modern world, you can’t afford to ignore these sharia compliant mortgage products.

Looking for a Guide?

If you’re looking for a guide who can help you understand the processes behind Islamic financial tools, we are here to help. Why not get in touch with us today through our website so we can tell you more? Ijaracdc.com is your one stop for all the information that you will need about sharia compliant loans and other financial tools.