An Amanah Mortgage and Avoiding Riba

Staying sharia compliant is the goal of every practicing Muslim and an amanah mortgage is a good tool to accomplish that goal. As practicing Muslims, we understand how complicated the modern financial environment is for people looking to avoid riba.

That’s why we put together a few tips that you can use as daily reminders.

First and foremost, it’s very important that Muslims don’t take out any kind of financial loan that incurs interest along the way. While that might sound like a repetition of something you already know, it bears repeating.

For example, gold is generally considered a good investment. If you decide to open up a bank account you’ll want to be sure not to get one that has interest attached to it. Generally checking accounts are good choices here.

Of course, beyond getting an amanah mortgage, it’s always a good idea to live within your means and not buying anything you don’t have the money for.

Above all, it’s a good idea to get a trusted advisor when you’re looking for any kind of halal investment or Islamic mortgage. One of the big benefits that you get with us is knowledge that has been passed along from an internationally recognized board of Islamic scholars.

One of the other interesting aspects is the fact that our lease to own products have many of the concepts that you will be familiar with from traditional loans. Best of all is the fact that everything we do is sharia compliant and will keep you away from riba.

Ijara Community Development Corporation (IjaraCDC) is always available to help you find the right kind of sharia compliant product. If you’re looking for an amanah mortgage, we can help you with a hassle free process that’s comfortable.

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