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7 Big Reasons Why Islamic Finance Should Be On Your Radar.

People are always asking us about the benefits of Islamic finance. That’s why we decided to put together a list of 7 reasons why it should be on your radar. […]

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Islamic Finance and Great Tips for Buying a Home

Getting the keys to your new home through Islamic finance means you’ll be sharia compliant. Taking this financial route doesn’t really change anything about owning your own place. Once it’s […]

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Wondering How Islamic Finance Works? Read This Blog

We get people asking us what Islamic Finance is all about.  Of course, we’re always happy to answer their questions. After all, IjaraCDC prides itself on being an informational resource […]

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Hospitality industry focuses on Islamic leasing

The First Group in Dubai, a real estate investor and developer as well as aninvestment company that specializes in hotels, plans to issue US$135 million worth of Islamic leasing bonds […]

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Ongoing merger talks on Islamic leasing and challenges

When firms start merging, it is a good sign signaling the growth of the industries involved. The merger talk between Waha Capital and Gulf Capital held for several months demonstrates […]

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