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End of Year Tax Moves That Work Well with An Ijara Mortgage.

  The end of the year is fast approaching for everyone including those with an Ijara mortgage. There’s always a few loose ends to tie together as you prepare for […]

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Swiss Cryptocurrency Firm Gets Islamic Leasing Certification

X8, a Switzerland-based financial tech firm that received a proper certification from Islamic scholars for its cryptocurrency, announced plans that it will expand its current businesses in the Middle East. […]

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Four Steps to Help Make Your Passwords Safer from Hacking

View as a web page Here’s what a strong password looks like—and it’s not what you think We’re all familiar with those irritating password rules: Use special characters (but not […]

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6 Red Flags that Home Inspectors Miss

Please click on the article from Zillow to read more about what red flags you should be looking for: 6 Home-Shopping Red Flags Even an Inspector Could Miss

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Islamic Finance Educational Programs in Russia and Islamic Leasing Developments

Please click the link below to read the article. Blog- June 27th    

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