islamic home loans

Looking for a Halal Mortgage? Here’s How to Calculate the Payments

 We are the Ijara Community Development Corporation (IjaraCDC.) Our mission is to help structure funds to use on a halal ...
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Keeping Your Basement Dry With These Tips

Islamic home loans are great for making sure that your financial house is in order, but even the best islamic mortgage ...
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Islamic mortgage loans and picking the number of bedrooms you’ll need

Islamic home loans are an excellent financing tool when you want to stay sharia compliant and practice your religion living ...
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Interesting and affordable garage remodel ideas

Renovating your house so that you can increase your equity or just enjoy the living space more isn’t just confined ...
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A few words on getting the right Islamic home loans

Islamic home loans are quite different than any of the other products that you might look at when you’re going ...
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Islamic home loans and maintenance

if you’ve been reading these blogs you know that Islamic home loans are really only the beginning of your journey as a ...
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Islamic home loans and some budgeting tips you can use

It usually doesn’t take very long after you get the keys to a new house or commercial endeavor to find ...
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Islamic home loans work great with older homes too

Once you’ve made the decision to finance your home purchase with Islamic home loans one of the other big choices you need ...
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Buying your first home? Here’s a few words on appreciation

Islamic home loans are a great way to buy a place of your own and stay Sharia compliant at the same ...
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