Learn More About Sharia-Compliant Conversion

Conversion Product

A simpler way to make your existing mortgage sharia complaint.

Perfect for interest mortgage-holders that are already happy with their rates and terms of their current interest mortgage, but just want to convert it to be sharia-compliant.

You don’t have to go through a tedious process of refinancing; no credit check, appraisal, or income documentation needed. This is not a refinance but a restructuring of your transaction. The whole process only takes 10-14 business days, and in most cases, we can get the conversion completed before your next payment is due.

The best part: other than freeing yourself from Riba, it costs significantly less than doing a refinance.

What exactly happens in a conversion?

A conversion essentially changes the nature of the transaction from a rent-on-money transaction (Riba) to a rent-on-property (Ijara) transaction. There is a loophole in all mortgage transactions that we take advantage of, as long as we do not change the economics of the transaction, we can change the nature of how profit is earned.