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COVID-19 Relief Programs

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Here is an outline of each program which should be enough to help you guide your clients through the different programs:

Small Business Debt Relief Program-

  • Eligible- 7a and 504 loans (not the PPP or Disaster loan)- CRE, business acquisition, etc…
  • Purpose- SBA will pay 6 months of payments including principal, interest and fees
  • Application
  • 7A- no action needed, automatically deferred
  • 504 1st TD- submit deferral like through our normal deferral process
  • 504 2nd TD- apply with SBA/CDC

Economic Injury Disaster Loans and Emergency Economic Injury Grants-

  • Also known as EIDL or Disaster Loan
  • This loan should be used as a “long term” capital injection into the company
  • Primarily used to offset operating expenses
  • Max of $2 million
  • 30 year term
  • 12 months of deferred payments
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Requires collateral- loans over $25,000
  • Apply directly with the SBA
  • $10,000 grant- must simply apply for with the SBA directly

Paycheck Protection Program-

  • Also known as PPP- SBA has hired over 1000 additional employees to help with this demand
  • This loan can be forgiven or reduce the amount owed if used properly and supporting documentation is provided
  • This loan should be intended for short term capital needs since it’s meant to cover 8 weeks of Payroll Cost
  • Given that this is only to cover 8 weeks, and we’re in this quarantined state until the end of April, this will not fix the long term effects of COVID 19
  • Use of proceeds- Salaries, medical leave, insurance premiums, mortgage payments, rent and utility payments
  • Use of proceeds- Salaries, medical leave, insurance premiums, mortgage payments, rent and utility payments
  • Applicants can apply for both the PPP and EIDL as long as they are not used for the same purpose
  • Example of how the funds can be used: PPP funds used for the first 8 weeks of Payroll Costs, then used the EIDL for other operating expenses that are not defined as Payroll Costs and/or use the funds after the initial 8 weeks of Payroll Costs
  • No personal guarantee or collateral required
  • 100% guaranteed by the SBA
  • No Guarantee fees paid by the borrower
  • The remaining balance that is not forgiven is set termed into a 2 year maturity at 0.5%
  • Payments are deferred 6 months, but accrue interest during this period
  • Complete the application entirely
  • Copies of payroll tax reports filed with the IRS
  • Forms 941 and 940
  • State income and unemployment with the last 12 months of payroll reports
  • CDD- if already on file, work on the recertification asap
  • FUNDING- loan proceeds must go into a CNB account- great opportunity to help with BD activities and win those new Prospects that we are in the process of bringing over

To apply for Disaster Relief Funds and up to $10k grant please visit: