Great Halal Home Financing Tips for Settling into Your New Home

Great Halal Home Financing Tips for Settling into Your New Home

After you navigate through the halal home financing process and get the keys to your new home, things might seem a little strange at first. It’s no surprise really. Going from one place to another means leaving comfortable surroundings for new exciting ones.

That can cause you a little discomfort at first. It’s only natural and nothing more complicated than understanding the difference between ijarah and conventional leasing. That’s why we’ve put together some halal home financing tips for settling into your new home.

Do A Walkthrough First

The best time to walk through your new home is as soon as you get the keys. That’s when it will be completely empty and you can check to make sure all agreed to and requested repairs have been made.

It’s also an excellent time to make sure fixtures, switches and outlets are in good working order. It’s the same attention to detail that you used going through halal home financing.

The walk-through is a great time to make sure everything that was legally included in the sale is where it should be.

Fill Up Those Closets 

It’s a good idea to start living in your new environment the moment you move in. Forgetting about your past house except for the pleasant memories should be a priority. It’s time to start making new ones. That’s why experts suggest that you fill up your closets first.

Putting those favorite sweaters in a new place will help make your house more comfortable right away.

Make Sure the Utilities Are Good to Go

Making sure that you’ve got lights and heat if it’s the middle of winter should be a priority. It’s one of the boxes that you should check during moving day. A quick call to make sure that you’ll have heating, water gas and lights will make moving in much more pleasant.

Don’t Hang Your Art Right Away

You want to get settled as quickly as possible but you don’t want to rush certain things. Experts agree and point to your art as something you should show some patience with. Unpacking the pieces and leaving them to sit facing you on the floor is a good practice. It allows you to get used to how they look in your new space and decide where they should go.

Finally, remember that the financing you put in motion for your new home is sharia compliant. That means you won’t need to worry about riba. If you take a look at our website, you’ll find information that can help you make an informed decision about our Ijara home financing program.

Sharia Structure

Ijara Community Development Corporation (IjaraCDC) is a company that’s involved with sharia structure. We are not a lender or broker. Our strength is in helping you buy a home or switch up an existing mortgage with alternative choices.

Our system fits within the structure of traditional banking. That’s just one of the advantages of the halal home financing we provide.