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Here’s a few red flags a home inspection can find

Although islamic home loans are generally considered a safe investment with no downside, that’s not always true for the house that you’re looking at. Islamic mortgage loans don’t have parts that can wear out or break down over time. Having a home inspection done by a professional is the best way to find these things that can go wrong –here’s what these experts will be looking for.

  • A cracked heater exchange in the furnace. This isn’t one of the those things that homeowners try to hide  but you’ll need to know this important part of the furnace is broken before you proceed with the deal.
  • Moisture in the basement.  This can be a real deal breaker if the moisture is a result of structural problems. Often, a little more air circulation is all that’s needed but you need to read a home inspection carefully after this defect has been found.

Infestations can be another issue telling you it might be better to spend your islamic home loans money somewhere else. Although ants and other bugs like silverfish are not considered a big deal, finding other pests like termites can lead to structural problems.