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How to pick the right city to live in

After you’ve made the decision to go ahead with ijara financing, some of the really big choices are still before you. An ijara loan will keep you free from riba and sharia compliant, but you’ll need to start thinking about which city best suits the needs of your family. Here’s a few factors that can help you to make that decision.

Of course affordability is high on everyone’s list. While no one wants to wind up in a location they can’t make the monthly payments on for the entire duration of their ijara loan, picking the city based entirely on affordability can mean there are other issues like crime you’ll need to contend with. It’s also a good idea to look at the job prospects. Not only should you be looking at the current employment situation but doing a little research into the future plans the area has can make a difference for your future. Take a look at the value of the real estate and whether the city that you are thinking about living in is on an upward or downward trend. Future building plans is usually a good indication that your equity will go up in the future.