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Ijara financing and structural ventilation

There’s no way around having adequate ventilation in the crawlspaces and attics in your home. In the same way that you use ijara financing to keep Sharia compliant , you need to be sure there’s enough air moving around so there’s little chance of roasting or rotting the structure. You need an upward flow of cool air in the attic. Remember that if your attic is hot and humid in the summer you might need to add extra vents. You took the time to carefully plan when you got an ijara loan and you’ll need to do the same with any additional ventilation the attic might need. You’ll even need to maintain the vents and that’s often one of the surprises that started way back when you first realized that ijara financing was very similar to more traditional loans in many different ways. Each of the vents you use needs to be painted and the screens need to be checked periodically to be sure they are secure to the frame of the vent. Here’s another interesting idea that ranks up there with ijara financing on the innovation scale. Cardboard baffles can be stapled to the rafters inside the attic beside the vents so the insulation doesn’t blow around and clump.