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Looking for Advice on Islamic Financing? Check These Boxes.

Ijara Community Development Corporation (IjaraCDC) is a sharia structuring company. We specialize in Islamic financing.  Our Ijara method provides riba ...
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Islamic Finance Important to Pandemic Recovery and Reasons To Refinance

Recent reports are highlighting Islamic finance as a factor promoting recovery from Covid 19. This information comes from the 15th ...
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Ijara Financing and Closing Costs: Here’s What You’ll Need To Put Away

Ijara Community Development Corp is a reputable source for ijara financing that’s sharia compliant. We work with a number of ...
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Islamic Mortgage Loans Can Turn Your Idea Into A Business.

Here at the Ijara Community Development Corp, we want to help you turn your idea into a sharia compliant business ...
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Islamic Home Financing and Great Tips for Selling Your Home

Islamic home financing through IjaraCDC involves an application process. Prequalification is one of the first steps. One of the things ...
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Great Tips For Buying a Home With Islamic Home Financing

We specialize in consulting for clients looking for Islamic home financing. That includes residential and commercial properties. You can also ...
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Got Islamic Home Financing? Here’s Some Other Smart Things Homeowners Do

Getting Islamic home financing is one of the best things that you can do to protect your investment. We offer ...
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The IjaraTM Home Financing Program, Islamic Home Financing and Picking The Right House

 Our Islamic home financing product , IjaraTM Home Financing, was established by a reputable and distinguished international board of sharia scholars ...
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Islamic Home Financing and A Spring Cleaning Checklist: A Great Combination

Halal loans are an excellent way to finance real estate for your business or family. Buying a home for your ...
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Here’s the Documents You’ll Need For Sharia Compliant Home Financing

Sharia compliant home financing is different from a traditional Western loan in one big way. With halal Islamic home financing ...
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