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Islamic home financing and small space living tips

You might be buying your first home with islamic home financing or just looking to downsize and live in the city, but living in a smaller space presents some interesting challenges that don’t need to be looked at in a negative light.

  • There are financial advantages to downsizing and empty-nesters are only too aware of the extra money they save when shedding those now unused rooms. It makes perfect sense not to want to pay for space you don’t need and you’ll be leaving a smaller environmental footprint as well.
  • It’s hard to part with some sentimental items and the things you used for hobbies 20 years ago, but downsizing means you’ll have less space and you can’t afford to be very emotional. Experts say if you haven’t used or given any thought to some items in the last six months, it’s safe to let them go. However, you can make some space for those family heirlooms.

Whether you’re looking at islamic mortgage loans and a smaller space for practical or even emotional reasons, you’ll find you need to make some adjustments to make the new living arrangements work.