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Islamic home loans and maintenance

if you’ve been reading these blogs you know that Islamic home loans are really only the beginning of your journey as a homeowner. Islamic mortgage loans will keep you sharia compliant and away from riba, but you’ll soon learn after you get the keys to your new house there are many other things that need to be looked after such as maintenance.

  • In the summer you’ll need to paint fences and wood trim and keep the lawn cut and the trees manicured.
  • In the wintertime although the place might appear to be locked down for the colder season, there’s lots to do like shoveling snow and making sure your heating system is always being maintained at a peak level. This might be the time of year when many people hibernate inside or enjoy the outdoor activities like skiing and tobogganing, but this is also the time of year to make sure your furnace filters get changed on a regular basis .

For many homeowners who bought their properties in the third season, fall is the favorite time of year and they enjoy raking leaves in the backyard. It’s important to remember one of the biggest rules for buying a home is understanding that you’ve made a commitment that will last a lifetime and needs to be maintained.