Looking to stay on budget with islamic home loans? Here’s a few tips

Learning how to manage money is necessary when you get Islamic mortgage loans but staying on a fixed budget is one of the things homeowners have a hard time with initially. Here’s a few things you should consider.


  • Use cash. When using a debit or credit card, it’s often the case people are pushing the payment ahead of them down the road and quite often don’t pay any more than the minimum amount on credit cards. Paying cash for things like gasoline and food is a great way to avoid interest charges that can pile up quickly.
  • Cut your vices. Drinking and smoking are two things you probably don’t partake of as a practicing Muslim, but you can cut out some of those other bad habits like a sweet tooth and save extra money at the same time.


Paying down debt is another financially responsible move that will keep your budget in line and your Islamic home loans on track. Having a budget is the best way to keep control over your finances so you can make long-term plans with the equity you made in your real estate adventure.