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Picking the right real estate agent

For some people picking the right real estate agent can be just as important as finding a company to give them the right islamic home financing. Of course you can’t put the cart before the horse and look for real estate agents before you have the proper islamic mortgage financing, so here’s a few tips on narrowing down your choices when it comes to one of these real estate professionals.

    • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and that means you should be up front about wanting to see any real estate agents credentials. They need to be able to prove that they’ve sold homes in your area to you.

As well, you want to be sure they have a proven track record of success before you sign any contracts with them.

  • You shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate with one of these professionals either. Although many people in the general public don’t realize it, most of the commissions that real estate agents get aren’t set in stone so you can haggle.


Finally, finding the right real estate agent is a lot like getting islamic home financing. It’s good if you can establish a trusted relationship and even like the person you’re dealing with so the entire business transaction will go smoothly.