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Some excellent bathroom renovations that won’t break the bank

Even if you’re a new homewoner that’s just moved into your first place, it’s no secret there are a few areas in your house that you can remodel and get more for your money when it comes to equity. Using Islamic home financing in the bathroom is always a win-win situation even if you’re not planning on selling right away.  If you’ve bought an older home that has a bathtub with the shower head attached, one of the quick renovations for under $200 that works wonders is placing a new shower stall somewhere in the room if you can fit it. A quick trip to the local home improvement store can prove fruitful too when you focus on some of the new showerheads and faucets available for under $100.  Islamic mortgage financing is designed to help the practicing Muslim family stay close to their religion while at the same time enter the North American real estate market. The first few years in any new house will be tight for money and if you buy a water saving showerhead you can actually save up to 50% of the cost during the duration of your shower.