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Quick Tips That Save Money

Islamic home financing saves you money on interest since you pay the trust directly and not the bank or another lending institution. Islamic mortgage financing is the efficient way to buy a home and here’s a few other tips that will save you money.

  • Use WD-40 on those jammed locks. There’s no need to phone a pro locksmith right away when you can try this easy remedy first. Of course if this spray doesn’t work that might mean there’s a bigger problem with one of the other mechanisms inside, but quite often this approach works great.
  • Plunge those clogs.Although there are a variety of chemical products on the market that say they will do the same job, experts suggest that plunging a clogged sink or drain is a better idea. According to these professionals the chemicals only leave a small hole in the clog and the plunging will get rid of the whole problem.

Here’s a great way to pluck a broken light bulb from a fixture. A potato cut in half will do the job quickly but you’ll need to remember to cut the power before you start the process to avoid electrical shock.