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Some simple tips for the novice handy man

Even once you’ve made the decision that islamic home loans are the right way for you and your family to get involved with home ownership, there’s lots of other things that you need to consider and these handy tips will help the novice homeowner whose wants to save a few dollars and do some of their own repairs.

  • One of the more common problems you’ll find is a leaky faucet and that’s usually because the washer has eroded away inside. Start the repair by turning off the water supply under the sink and then stuffing a rag into the drain so you don’t lose any parts when you take the faucet apart.
  • Make sure you understand where you’re digging before you start poking into the ground with that new shovel you just bought. Calling a utility company is the best move so you can find a where the potential danger lies.

Finding a stud in the wall is another useful thing when you’re about to hang a picture or build a shelf. Start at the corner of the wall where there’s always one and measure off the 16 inch intervals to hit them in succession.