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What you need to replace and when

Islamic home financing is a good way to buy a new house and stay Sharia compliant, but it’s only the beginning of your journey as a homeowner when it comes to deciding whether to repair or replace various elements.

If the problem is a draft around the windows, there are generally two different ways to approach the issue. First and foremost, you want to take the more cost-effective method.  Look to see if any caulking has come loose around the outside or if there are any holes on the inside you can quickly cover over in the area where the window fits up against the wall.

New energy efficient windows are sometimes the answer if you’ve got older ones in your home but have lost the seal between the panes.

If you find you don’t have enough hot water for your whole family to adequately get through the day, it’s time to repair or replace a hot water tank. For Islamic mortgage financing, you took great care to research each of the products to find the one that was best for you and the experts here suggest it’s not always the best move to replace the entire unit. Often just having the right professional come in to change the elements is the cost-effective solution that will leave enough hot water for everyone.