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Free Seminar on Islamic Home Finance: Bloomington, MN

If You’re Buying a Home This Year, Whip Your Taxes Into Shape Now

Many people do not realize that when applying for Islamic Financing, your financials will be reviewed. You will be evaluated on your ability to make those monthly payments. At the […]

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Conférence gratuite: Acheter sa propriété sans souci

Four Things You Need to Know about Islamic Financing

This is a great educational video on the principles of Islamic Financing made by the International Monetary Fund, is an organization of 188 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure […]

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This is the ultimate dream house according to Pinterest users

What is the ideal dream home, what do people fantasize their ultimate dream home to be like?  Tech Insider had the same question. So they asked Pinterest to send over the most […]

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New Down-payment Requirements in Canada

This news might be of a concern for the community interested in purchasing a home in Toronto or Vancouver. The Federal government is boosting the minimum down payment requirement for […]

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Understanding your Credit

Like it or not, you need to understand your credit if you want to get any sort of financing, be it conventional financing or Islamic Financing. Many people have a misconception […]

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