About Us

Refinance or Purchase Your Home With an IjaraTM Structure

Ijara Community Development Corporation (IjaraCDC), a Michigan Non-Profit Corporation is a Sharia structuring company not a Lender or Broker.

IjaraTM is an Islamic Financing Method that obeys all the Islamic Sharia Guidelines to provide finance to consumers, and is funded by traditional licensed lenders and brokers. We are constantly working towards simplifying the process of accessing and applying for Islamic finance. Our sole objective is to provide proper finance options to all those consumers who hold fast to ethical or religious prohibitions regarding interest paid on loans.

We can be a support in buying a home or replacing an existing mortgage by providing the alternative choices for Islamic finance through licensed providers.  We believe in educating and enlightening consumers about the diverse Islamic finance options to home buying because we believe that educated consumers make the best decisions.

Actively and successfully running in 50 states in the US and all provinces in Canada, Ijara transactions are Sharia compliant for purchasing a residential property, commercial real estate or for refinancing. We are the leaders in space and are have been successful in delivering the best finance solutions to the consumers of the Islamic community. If you need a trustworthy partner to assist you in making such crucial decisions that abide all the Islamic laws, then IjaraCDC can be the right choice for you.

Our IjaraTM financing structure which are provided through licensed Lenders and Brokers offer the following benefits:

  • Abides by the Shariah or Islamic law
  • Saves you from Riba
  • Fits within traditional banking systems
  • Offers competitively priced finance options
  • Ensure safe transactions & benefits everyone involved in the process

Sharia financing isn’t a complicated matter and we’d like to be your guide through the process that winds up with you getting a sharia mortgage.

You can find a great deal of information on the subject of Islamic Home mortgages on our website.  Take a little time and we will walk you through all the different things that you will need to do to get one of these Halal mortgages. First off, we pride ourselves on a thorough understanding of sharia compliance and by proxy sharia financing, and our objective is to provide as complete of a resource on the subject of Islamic Finance Methods.  The one thing you will probably notice is that our website’s main focus is to educate, while our competitors are primarily aiming to sell.

Sharia Compliance

When you take a look at our website you will see detailed sections on what you need to do and everything that you need to know about sharia compliance so your deal goes through smoothly. You will find all the information on how sharia compliance works and scholarly attributions there.

How It Works With Sharia Financing

Taking a look at the How It Works section will give you a good overview of the entire process and how we have used an international board of scholars to make sure that everything involved with your Sharia financing will steer you away from riba and into a Halal Mortgage.

We have also taken steps to make sure that we are one of the most thorough sharia financing websites working on the Internet today.

To that end, we have supplied a general information section that guides you through some of the more traditional aspects of buying a home.  For example, we will take you through the application process and give you detailed information about everything that you will need to know about including what documents to put together.