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Islamic Home Financing and A Spring Cleaning Checklist: A Great Combination

Halal loans are an excellent way to finance real estate for your business or family. Buying a home for your ...
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Man in suit with transparent house

Here’s the Documents You’ll Need For Sharia Compliant Home Financing

Sharia compliant home financing is different from a traditional Western loan in one big way. With halal Islamic home financing ...
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Some Great Reasons to Consider a Halal Mortgage

If you are looking for a halal mortgage to buy your first or second home or commercial property, you are ...
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Here’s How A Contract Rider Works With Ijara Sharia Compliant Loans

People want to know how an Ijara loan is similar to a more traditional one and we start by discussing ...
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Five Advantages to Using Islamic Loan for House in USA Methods to Get A Home

Some people are concerned about more than avoiding riba with an islamic loan for house in usa. They understand the ...
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Islamic Housing Finance in USA Historical Benchmarks

Using islamic housing finance in usa methods as the right path to sharia compliant real estate for a business or ...
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What You Need to Know About a Fatawa

Because our main business is specializing in Islamic financing consulting, it’s important for our clients to understand the importance of ...
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Looking for Islamic Finance in Chicago to Start a Company? Don’t Forget a Business Plan

Ijara Community Development Corp can help you structure Islamic finance in Chicago if you’re looking to start a business. Applying ...
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Islamic Islamic Bank Loan for a Business

Looking at An Islamic Bank Loan for a Business? Here’s a Few Online Marketing Ideas You Won’t Want to Miss

Many Muslims are also entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking at an Islamic bank loan for a brick-and-mortar or e-commerce venture, you ...
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Bonuses to Islamic Sharia Finance

Islamic sharia finance is a way to finance property and stay sharia compliant at the same time. Basically, a person ...
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