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Getting an Islamic Bank Loan? Now Look for The Best State to Live in

Once you’ve decided to get an islamic bank loan, you won’t need to worry about usury. Staying sharia compliant is ...
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Good prospects for Islamic leasing in Canada

According to the most recent 2016 census, Canada has 37 million inhabitants out of which over one million are Muslims. ...
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Islamic Financing/Ijara Mortgages and Business Borrowing: Here’s What To Avoid.

By now the chances are that you understand a bit about how islamic financing and an Ijara mortgage works. You know that ...
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End of Year Tax Moves That Work Well with An Ijara Mortgage

The end of the year is fast approaching for everyone including those with an Ijara mortgage. There’s always a few ...
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Natural remedies for dirty spots around the house that work with an ijara mortgage

You got off to the right stat with an ijara mortgage because that allowed you to stay away from riba. Of ...
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Your ijara mortgage and low interest rates

As you’ve more than likely heard by now, these are great times to invest in real estate and an ijara ...
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Your ijara mortgage and what you need to know about carbon monoxide

With an ijara mortgage in place you are sharia compliant and you might think invincible, but that’s far from the ...
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Getting ready for extreme cold weather with your ijara loans

Armed with anijara mortgage, you’re certainly ready to start taking on all of the responsibilities of the homeowner. By now, ...
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Your ijara mortgage and interest rates.

Although you’ve got an ijara mortgage and that means you’re Sharia compliant and safely tucked away from riba, there are ...
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Your ijara mortgage and a spring cleanup

Now that it appears the worst of the winter weather is behind us, it’s time to turn your attention to ...
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