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Islamic finance and a summer house checkup

There are those people who get an Islamic finance product because they are interested in buying real estate in North America and staying on the right side of Islamic sharia law at the same time. However, even though they are interested in staying close to their religious beliefs, it’s important for them to understand they need to look after the house that they’ve bought in all of the different seasons including summer. That’s why a summer maintenance checklist is important and first and foremost you want to be sure that any outside painting that needs to be done gets done during this season on a nice warm day with lots of sunshine. Islamic finance teaches you all about being fiscally responsible and that includes making sure your roof doesn’t have any leaks in this rainy season. If you’re physically fit and you know how to use a ladder properly, it’s a good idea to get up on the roof and look for bent shingles and areas around flashing where water can get in.