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Islamic home financing and top renovations

Anyone who’s gone through the process of getting Islamic mortgage financing to buy a house also wants to be sure that any renovations they do will bring a good return on the investment and increase their equity. Islamic home financing products are the best way to start off on a financially responsible path and these renovations are a way to continue on that journey.

  • Flooring. A little research will tell you the number one option people ask for most often when they’re looking for a new home is hardwood flooring. Although there are a number of different choices for those with deep pockets, laminate flooring is a much more popular option and some of the choices here mimic some of the more expensive hardwood types.
  • Bathrooms. You can’t go wrong by updating a bathroom and making it modern and chic. Pastel colors are all the rage and modern, elegant fixtures that are also green save money and are a big hit.


Finally, it’s a good idea to consider using Islamic home financing money to produce some kind of income suite in your existing house. Whether that means a basement or loft conversion, taking this route means you’ll have some extra income and actually increase the equity and selling price.